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Tablet myTab 7

Tablet myTab 7Small, light body tablet with outstanding technical parameters, created with an eye to younger users and for whom mobility is the greatest value. High quality of image, razor-sharp text and richer colours, video files played in FULL HD playback, Android 4.0 system, 4 GB internal flash memory in very affordable price to suit every pocket – find your adventure with Tablets starting from myTab 7.


Component Value
Procesor ARM A8 1,2 Ghz
RAM 512 MB
Screen size 7″
Screen resolution 800 x 480 px
Dimension 197mm x 148mm
Thickness 11mm
Weight 720 gram
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
3G Modem USB*
USB 1x USB 2.0
Mini jack connector Funkcja dostępna w tablecie myTab
Internal memory 4 GB
External memory Micro SD do 32 GB
Operating system Android 4.0
Battery 2800 mAh

myTab 7 functionalities

Name: Description:
Android The newest operating system for Google tablets – amazing possibilities just at your fingertips – easy access to all full screen applications anytime you want, new gmail user agent or web browser are just the beginning of what you’ll discover in myTab – other is easy to find in Google Play Store in each of myTab products powered by the Android 4.0.4 operating system.
Thanks to WiFi technology in all myTab devices, you can be connected wherever you are.
Receive and send files, transfer programs, with no limits. WiFi standard 802.11 b/g/n .
ekran dotykowy LCD capacitive 5 point multitouch screen makes games, writeing, drawing and editing pictures easy.
USB – USB, 2.0 port make it easy to use all possible devices, 3G modems and data carriers.
You can enjoy an endless elbow room necessary with tablet mobility.
Dostęp do tysięcy aplikacji z Google Play Online Google Play – source for all your favourite free entertainment. Purchase or just download whatever you want on your Android system Enjoy more apps, millions of books and thousands of games on your tablet.
Przekątna ekranu tabletu myTab 7 Widescreen tablet – superb, large, bright display, aspect ratio of an image 16:9, screen resolution 800 x 460. All myTab products includes front web camera, which allows you to make the video calls freely..
wbudowana kamera 2,0 Mpix All myTab devices are equipped with front camera that allow easy video calls. 8″ and 10″ series have 2Mpx back camera with extrapolation to 5Mpx.
Gniazdo słuchawkowe jack Mini jack 3,5 mm lets easy connection of headphones or Hi-Fi sets
wbudowana pamięć Micro SD – Trouble with storage capacity? 16 or 32 GB is not enough? No such problems with myTab – insert changeable microSD card and don’ t waste a minute worrying about memory storage in your tablet.

Box content

Zawartość opakowania z tabletem myTab 10

  • myTab 7 tablet
  • USB host cable
  • USB power adapter
  • USB OTG cable
  • Documentation


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myTab manual:

myTab 7 manual

Product card
Karta PRoduktu myTab 7

*USB modem is not included

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